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Catholic Mom Music Spotlight
Erin Berghouse


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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family?

My name is Erin Berghouse and I too am a Catholic mom.  I have been blessed with three children and one great husband.  We live in a tiny town called North Lake, Wisconsin.  Population of about 601.  

What do you feel makes your music unique?

Some of the most difficult questions for me to answer are questions regarding the music that has come from my heart.  I am unable to step far enough away from it to be able to critique it.  The only thing I can answer in regard to your questions is unique because as God has created each one of us uniquely different from each other, I too am unique, and so is my heart from which the music comes.

What are some of your goals and hopes for your music?

My hope and prayer is that not my will, but God's holy will be done.  I am thankful for every opportunity that allows an avenue of sharing.  I have come to recognize that I have an immense responsibility with this art that God has given me.  Any and all productions that I am allowed to participate in, I must give my complete best.

Please describe your own faith journey with the Catholic Church, and how this has impacted upon your music ministry.

Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I was raised by my father, and we attended the Protestant church.  My mother was a part of my life in early years, but from the time I was five I never saw her again until just two years ago.  My husband was also raised in the Protestant church.  It wasn't until we started to look at the Catholic schools for our children that my aunt told me that I had been baptized Catholic!  I never knew that my mother and her family were Catholic. This was the beginning of Catholicism for my family. I LOVE the holy Catholic Church! My faith is the foundation of my music, and my life.

Fill us in on your musical background…what type of training have you had?  What’s your favorite type of music?

I have no training.  I remember in prayer telling God that I was not the one to do this.  I had no skills.  Yet, I have learned that it truly is not what or who we are, but who God has created us to be.  Through His purification and His divine gifts all things are possible.   Once I realized this, I consecrated my life to God.  I have studied the art of songwriting knowing that I must learn all that I can about the art itself.

I truly enjoy almost all styles of music.  The music that I enjoy the most is the music, which feels real.

How do you choose the music you will record?  If you write original lyrics, what is the inspiration behind your words?

All of the music that I record is original music, songs that reflect my own personal journey through life.  All of the music is reviewed by Bishop Perry to make sure that I am in alignment with the Holy Catholic Church.

The inspiration for the music comes from many different avenues - - emotions, reflections, and occasions that I encounter every day of my life.  Most of all, I pray that the songs are enveloped with the truth and beautiful of the Holy Catholic Church. As I learn more and more each day...and pray for the grace to draw closer to Christ, the music clearly reflects the struggle and desire to draw further away from our human nature and a deep yearning for the grace to propel closer and closer towards the Divine. In a sense, it is the poetry of my soul.  It is my soul’s journey as it pulls toward the Truth.

What can Catholic parents do to support Catholic recording artists?  How can we help our children make good listening choices?

The most important thing that parents can do is pray for us.  Catholic music will begin to grow as Catholic radio and other Catholic media productions begin to grow as well. Once an art is created, there needs to be avenues for it to reach the hearts of the people.  I am very thankful for all of the opportunities in which I am able to share the music with you, either by CD, or concert.   Please pray for those who are called to evangelize through media communications. 

As a parent, I feel it is important that we expose our children to media that is not contradictory to the teaching of the Holy Catholic Church.  How often is it that you hear someone say they do not listen to the words of the music, they just like the sound? They probably believe that this is completely true for them.  Unfortunately, art can bypass the mind and speak specifically to ones heart.  Little by little, an exposure to contradictions in faith and morality start to slowly chip away at the high standards that we as parents are obligated to instill in our children.  There is a war for souls going on out there and we must guard the souls of our children until our dying breath.  Sounds dramatic...know, but I feel it is the truth. 

What future projects are you working on?

Writing music is an on-going passion.  The right side of my brain never sleeps.  Hopefully, there will be a new CD out in the fall of 2004.  In addition, I have recently completed two children’s books:  Holy Orders and To Jesus Through Mary. 

How can our readers order your music? 

Thank you for asking!  You can order the music by visiting or calling Lily Productions at 262-966-9831 or by mail at P.O. Box 121, North Lake, Wisconsin   53064.

Are there any additional comments or thoughts you'd like to share with our readers?

Recently, I composed the most difficult composition that I have ever written.  In fact, I did not want to write the song, I felt inadequate and unworthy of even attempting to do so.  Yet, it kept on haunting me…even disturbing my sleep.  Finally, I surrendered and prayed for the grace to complete the calling in my heart.  After much prayer, spiritual guidance, and research, I completed Cor Maria.  In English, it is called Blessed Mary's Heart.  I have an immense devotion to Blessed Mary. Many times I fall into the rut of seeing myself in the light of human definition.  We must focus rather on the endless possibilities that God may have in store for us.  I know that I am not worthy of writing a song about our holy mother, Blessed Mary.  Yet, with the grace of God I was able to complete it.  When it was finally finished...I was able to retreat back to the certain sense of peace in my heart.  I can't say if the song is good or bad, only that it is. We can't allow ourselves to become the barrier of the divine plan that God has for us.  Never say never!  With God, all things are possible!  

If there were one gift that I could share with you it would be a little book by Saint Louis DeMontford, A Consecration to Jesus, through Mary.  It changed my life.  We are so very blessed, as Catholic moms, to be able to love our children and reflect the beauty of our Eternal Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Thank you for allowing me to share a little of my life with you.  I pray that the music touches your heart.


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Pleased to Meet You!
by Erin Berghouse

With Pleased To Meet You, Erin shows us that her talents are not restricted to music. If you like the book - as we are sure you will - may we suggest you buy a copy (or two) for friends, especially those with little ones, as this makes a delightful gift. You can purchase copies from Erin's website

 Erin Berghouse's Discography

Self Surrender

In the Silence


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