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GrapeVine  is the first publication of its kind,
devoted exclusively to the growing contemporary Catholic music scene


WESTBOROUGH, MA - Catholic performing artist Susan Bailey, with the help of many in the Catholic artist community, has launched an online magazine devoted exclusively to the burgeoning contemporary Catholic music scene. The May 2004 issue of GrapeVine can be found at where readers can either read articles online or download a 22 page full color magazine to print out in MS Word or PDF format.

"The mission of GrapeVine is twofold," Bailey says. "Through a collective effort we hope to facilitate a closer and more vibrant community amongst Catholic artists, inspiring all of us to share our knowledge, pool our resources, and build lasting and supportive relationships.

"At the same time, I long for Catholic music to be made known to the world. These artists love Jesus and want to share Him with everyone they meet. There are so many blessings to be experienced by listening to Catholic music."

Starting up a full color magazine can be a daunting task financially, but with the Internet and today's computer technology, anything is possible! As Bailey did not have the financial means to start up a print publication, she opted instead for an online magazine.

"Thanks to my day job as a graphic artist, an affinity for computers, and the many wonderful Catholic artists I have met online over the years who were so supportive and helpful, we were able to pull off a very viable full color magazine," Bailey says.

Artists and promoters such as Plain Jane, Peter Campbell of Proud2BCatholic, and Disciple Records artists Crossed Hearts, Trevor Thomson, Brianna and Aaron Thompson are featured in the debut issue.

Several artists wrote articles and reviewed CDs for the magazine. Others purchased advertising even though circulation for the magazine had not yet been established. All three major Catholic publishers (Oregon Catholic Press, GIA Publications, Inc. and World Library Publications) added their support through articles, CDs and advertising.

The colorful and professionally designed website, constructed by Frank Howard, was donated to the magazine.

Visitors have the option of reading articles online and/or downloading MS Word or PDF files of the magazine, which they are encouraged to print and distribute freely. They can also subscribe to the website so has not to miss any important announcements or deadlines. Visitors are encouraged to comment and to submit story ideas.

Editor and publisher Susan Bailey is a longtime resident of Westborough, Massachusetts along with her husband Rich and her two teenaged children, Stephen and Meredith. A Catholic artist herself, Susan has been performing locally and regionally for ten years while ministering in song each Sunday at St. Luke the Evangelist Church in Westborough. She is a trained graphic artist, having worked for the last 24 years for printers and newspapers. Currently she works for Rutledge Properties in Wellesley, Massachusetts, supporting realtors with their print needs, and developing and maintaining the company website.

Newspapers and magazines interested in publishing stories about Christian music are encouraged to contact Susan at or by calling her at (508) 898-9330. Very reasonable arrangements can be worked out for the pickup of stories published in GrapeVine.

For more detailed information on GrapeVine, please visit the website at For further information on Susan Bailey, visit her website at

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