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Jeannie Pomanowski
Faith With An Attitude


As Catholic parents, we're always on the lookout for ways to enrich our family lives, and one of these avenues to enrichment is good quality music.  Frequently, our idea of "quality" doesn't coalesce with our kids concept of what's cool.  Well, this featured spotlight artist is the answer to a Catholic Mom's prayers! Jeannie Pomanowski's music is the perfect blend of fun and energetic beats combined with worshipful lyrics.  Jeannie's music ministry may be primarily focused on youth, but Catholic Moms will love her work as well.  This is one CD you can pop in the car stereo and enjoy with your kids.  I am so happy to share the music of Jeannie Pomanowki, and thank her for taking the time to participate in the following interview.  Be sure to visit Jeannie's website at and support her great music ministry through the purchase of a CD...your family will thank you!

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CM: Can you please tell us more about yourself and your faith journey?

JP:  Although I am a Christian singer/songwriter I consider my first and foremost ministry that of a Catholic school teacher.  At present I teach at St. Leo the Great School in Lincroft, New Jersey. Prior to teaching middle school I taught second grade for several years.

I guess you could say that my faith journey began when I became a Secular Franciscan, it was then that I consciously decided to live out my life as a follower of Jesus Christ.  Four years ago I became actively involved in music ministry and at the same time took the position of middle school religion teacher.  I feel my teaching  and music ministry are so very much a part of my faith journey, they complement one another so beautifully.  God has truly blessed me because I love what I am doing.

CM:  How did you come to record Catholic music?  Tell us a little more about your musical background and your songwriting process.

JP:  It was only after I began teaching middle school students that I became aware of the need for good music that has a lyrical content which is positive in nature. If the music is good the youth will listen to the message.  I began writing and recording pop/rock music that has faith-building lyrics, music that the students could pop in their CD player and listen or dance to.

My musical background consists of playing drums in an all girl band when I was a teen to presently writing and performing on guitar with a little bit of piano thrown in every now and then. The inspiration for my music comes from scripture, everyday experiences, and relationships, especially the ones I have with my students.  They are my greatest critics, helping me to create music that is suited to their discerning ears.

CM:  Your blend of music has a special appeal for youth.  Why is this audience so important to you?

JP:  My teaching and my music ministry share a common thread- youth, and they are the future of our church. I can't think of a more regarding life, one that is focused on encouraging our young people to live the Gospel message.

CM:  What can Catholic parents do to help their teens make good musical choices?

JP:  There is an abundance of great Christian music in every genre imaginable that is currently available. Catholic parents should listen to what their teens are buying. Perhaps they could encourage their teens to listen to music with a positive message by introducing them to Christian artists whose musical style reflects that of their child's taste. As I already pointed out, there is every kind of Christian music available, from pop/rock, to hip-hop, to rap.

CM: Who are some of your favorite musicians?

JP: Among the Christian artists I like: Point of Grace, Jaci Velasquez, DCtalk. Popular artists that I listen to are: U2 and Michelle Branch.

CM: Can you let us know about your goals for the future and what you would like to accomplish with your music?

JP: My future goals would include an increase in my touring schedule. I truly enjoy performing at Catholic Schools and events such as the National Catholic Youth Conference. I am also presently working on my second CD.
One of the things I would like to accomplish with my music is to bring our youth closer to Jesus. Music speaks the language that young people will listen to and I would hope that my music enriches their faith journey.

CM: Are there any additional thoughts or comments you'd like to share with our readers?

JP: I would like to encourage our readers to support Catholic artists.  Please visit the Catholic Association of Musicians website a wonderful resource for Catholic music.
Those who would like to hear soundclips of my music, read my bio, check out my concert schedule, or browse through a selection of photos, or even order my CD, "Faith With An Attitude," can visit my website,



Jeannie Pomanowski's Discography

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