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Nancy Krebs, Songs from the Heart

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Music to Help Start Your Conversation with God
Catholic Music Spotlight Interview with Nancy Krebs
by Lisa M. Hendey


Catholic Music NetworkIf you’re looking for variety and inspiration in your Catholic music choices, you’ll want to check out Songs from the Heart, the latest CD from talented Catholic musician Nancy Krebs.  With twelve eclectic and original compositions, Krebs’ most recent project features everything from Marian hymns to upbeat Reggae praise.   

Along with writing and recording her own projects, Nancy maintains an active touring schedule and consults with other organizations as a music producer and vocal coach.  For more information on her upcoming concert and performance dates, visit Nancy’s website at

Following the recent release of Songs from the Heart, I had a chance to catch up with Nancy Krebs and am pleased to share her comments on her music, her creative process, and this latest project.

Q:  Hello Nancy Krebs and congratulations on your new CD!  We last spoke after the release of your Advent and Christmas CD, Come to the Stable.  You've been busy since then!  Can you tell us what you've been up to personally and professionally in the last few years?

A:  Since Come to the Stable, I have released two more CDs for general distribution--Simple Gifts and the new baby--Songs from the Heart.  Also, several organizations have contacted me to produce personalized CDs for them--like the Society of Catholic Apostolate (otherwise known as the Pallottine Priests, Sisters and Brothers);  The Sisters of the Good Shepherd, the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the Crysalis House and the Hezekiah Movement.  Each one of these groups was looking for a special CD for fund-raising and to promote their particular charisms.  My husband, Pete and I are busy traveling with my music ministry, going farther and farther afield, it seems; which is good!

Q:  What is the message behind Songs from the Heart?

A:  This new CD is filled with very personal songs, very 'You-me' between us and God.  I am hoping that those who listen use the songs as starting places for conversing with the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

Q:  The CD is so incredibly diverse, filled with many different musical styles!  What would you describe as your own personal musical "style"?

A:  Oh....I don't think I have a style anymore.  Although if anyone were to hold me to it, I'd probably say that I'm most known for the quiet acoustic ballad style.  It's the best way for me to share the concepts embodied in songs that I really want people to listen to--in order for their hearts to be touched. But I've been experimenting with Country, Reggae, and other contemporary genres.

Q:  As a writer, what fuels your creative efforts?  

A:  I read many, many books and articles with spiritual themes.  It all starts with the Gospels, or some other Book of the new or Old Testament; then I move or have moved to writings of the saints, and modern authors as well.  When a phrase I've read strikes me--the germ of an idea begins to percolate, and then I sit down at my computer, if it's handy, and begin to write the lyrics.  The melodies usually come after writing the lyrics.  They are the most important, because the story is told through them. Often I hear good homilies that give me ideas, or even conversations with friends can be the springboard for a new song.

Q:  My personal favorite on this CD is 'Rejoice and Be Glad', which is just such a fun and wonderful song!  Do you have a favorite song from this project?

A:  Now you're asking me to choose my favorite from among my ‘children’!  I have so many favorites on this CD.  I'm glad that you like 'Rejoice and Be Glad'. I had fun with that one.  I am, however, particularly fond of "Humility" and "Waiting for Me" (don't tell the other songs)

Q:  I noted that you're also a guitarist, violinist and mandolin player on this project.  Would you tell us about the other talented musicians who play with you on this project?

A:  I'd be glad to....Michael Salacuse is the force behind the percussion and lead guitar--he's just phenomenal!  He has a studio outside Nashville, where he does all his work. He also arranged all the percussion songs.   Pete Baden is the pedal steel guitar player--and is also my husband.   That's how we met--playing music!  Marty Canelli played all the keyboards and live percussion.  And I can't forget Dave Nachodsky--the engineer who has the greatest ear in the music biz--and he also mixed and mastered my last 4 albums.

Q:  I know you're just back from Catholic Familyland.  Please tell us about your time there and when we can see the shows you recorded.

That was a great experience.  I can't say enough about the work they are doing in this lovely part of the country--outside Stuebenville, Ohio.  They are a great organization--with a fabulous TV studio, as well as housing facilities (camping and small cottages) for families to come and share some quality time together.  I taped 3 shows, two with Marty Rotella, who hosts his show His Love, and a 60 minute Christmas special that was a solo show!  I don't know exactly when they'll be shown, but they will be aired sometime in the Fall, and Winter on SkyAngel Network--which features programming strictly for families--and all the shows are good, solid, upstanding programs.  Their websites are:  Sky Angel: 1-800-SKY-ANGEL: Sky Angel Television (TV) Channels and  Familyland 

Q:  What's next Nancy?  Do you have new projects or appearances in the works?

A:  I'm gearing up for Fall concerts and retreats; several out of state (Maryland).  If anyone in this reading audience lives in Syracuse, NY, I'll be doing a concert on Saturday, October 15 at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Cato.  I'll also be giving a youth retreat that same morning into the afternoon. It’ll be a busy day! I'll also be in Boonville, Indiana on November 13 for a concert celebrating St. Clement's 150 year anniversary!

Q:  Are there any closing thoughts you'd like to share?

I'm just so glad to be able to be doing this work.  All my life, I've been a professional actor, singer and musician.  It's so rewarding to be writing, singing, performing and recording songs to the honor and glory of God--and the best part is getting to share the music that God has given me with others. Thank you, Lisa, for giving me an opportunity to share this time with your audience!

For more information on Nancy Krebs and her CD Songs from the Heart visit Nancy’s web site at or Catholic Music Network



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