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Stasia Very, Mother Sweetest Best

Listen to a sample from Mother Sweetest Best


A Love Letter to Our Lady

It's a great pleasure to share with you the music of a Catholic Mom from Australia, Stasia Very.  Over the years, Stasia has blended her vocation as mother with her commitment to her craft of music.  Listening to her latest CD, Mother Sweetest Best, is a true joy.  On this project, Stasia collaborates with her talented daughter Gabrielle Rumora to present a delightful variety of Marian songs.  A particular favorite of mine was the Polish track Badz Pozdrowiona, a dual tribute to Our Lady and our beloved Pope John Paul II. 

I am happy to be able to share with you the following letter from Stasia Very.  I would invite you to visit her web site at for additional details on Mother Sweetest Best and her other projects. 


Hello, dear friends in Christ.

I am a Catholic Mother living in Australia, a singer/musician entirely devoting my talents to the Lord. My name is Stasia Very and after 1991 began a new path for me and husband Gabe. I never thought I would have a website to sell my CD’s as a prayer gift. I never thought I would have as many as 4 CD’s that I would produce myself with the mission to bring prayer back into music that could be used in the car or before going to sleep at night or just to bring peace to someone after a bereavement. I have been told many times that my voice has a soothing “honeyed” quality that brings prayer to the heart of the listener and consequently communion with the Lord. I am humbled and grateful for this and so now try to use it for Him.

I knew I was called to a singing ministry when I married young and began having children and my commercial career could never take off. I engrossed myself into Liturgy and supplemented income through playing and singing at weddings, My spiritual life grew but an opportunity to form a live harmony group called the Mystics with Bill Younger and Vince Camilleri was too hard to resist and it became a hobby part-time (once a month) job I now know gave me all the grounding I needed from the professional musician point of view for almost 15 years while the family grew. I began to play keyboards live and became the lead singer doing covers while Vince played lead guitar for the very authentic sounds of the Shadows or the Beatles. Bill Younger could bring the house down with his rendition of “Sway” and our harmonies and simple chord style revived nostalgia for many a function bringing back the favourite sounds of the 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s rock and roll. All of this, I’m sure probably kept me in a holding pattern. In 1991 my husband and I went to former Yugoslavia, a place called Medjugorje and the world changed for us in all of its priorities. God existed! Wow! He really did! ..and so did His beautiful Mother Mary.

Many people had said over the years – “You should record that voice” so I began the steps that led to a good Sound Engineer, Jeff Todd who encouraged me to go forward. My husband having also been converted opened his heart and pocket and mind in trust at our first venture and the first CD “Cry in the Wilderness” was born. Larrikin Records (later taken over by Festival Australia) really wanted to do something with it and it got “out there” for a time. It is still so relevant today. The old favourite traditional hymns are lifted into an entirely different domain of ethereal music, praising the Lord in those wondrous words from “Holy God we praise Thy name” or “How Great Thou Art” or the 23rd Psalm or “Abide With Me”.

And now 10 years down the track the 4th CD is “Mother Sweetest Best” to praise God our Father for giving Mary to us over the centuries to guide the Church and keep its people focused on her Son Jesus and His love for Mankind by the power of His Cross death and Resurrection. The hymns here are chosen to bring truth to her role and existence for us in the many titles that she is known all around the world and to bring tribute to the late Holy Father Pope John Paul 11 in his home language and mine with a Polish hymn that gives praise to Our Lady. But there is also a truly honest prayer of a child called “Lovely Lady dressed in Blue, teach me how to pray” and a tribute to Her words at Guadalupe where she told the Aztec Indian Don Diago “I’m your Mother”.

Stasia Very

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