On Sunday, November 10, 2002 we commemorate the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time.  Our Church's year is coming to a close as we get ready for the wonderful season of Advent.  At home, the days are getting shorter as nighttime and darkness come earlier each day.

In our Gospel reading this Sunday, Jesus tells his disciples the parable of the ten virgins.  Have your parent read you this story or find it in your own Bible at Matthew 25:1-13.  Jesus tells us that we should always be ready to be with God in heaven one day.  Let your light shine by being a good and loving person each day.  Remember the Greatest Commandment!  Here is a picture for you to color this week as you think about ways to let the light of your love for Jesus shine through.


bulletDo you know the song "This Little Light of Mine"?  Sing it this week with mom and dad!
bulletHave you ever made a candle?  Take mom or dad to the craft store this week and look for sheets of beeswax.  It's easy to make a pretty candle using a sheet of beeswax and a string of wick.  Have a grown up help you with this project.  Enjoy a special family dinner by candlelight this week.

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