Resurrection Eggs
from the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis Office of Marriage and Family Life website


Materials Needed: Plastic eggs, a basket, story objects that can fit in the eggs from the list below, a permanent marker, 8-10- carpet squares.

Object Ideas: a small cross, nails, a small sponge dipped I vinegar, coins, (Judas or the thief on the cross), black cloth ( the temple curtain or dark day), a small grapevine wreath (crown of thorns), flowers (Easter), a small numeral 3 (three days), a small piece of evergreen (palm branch), a cracker ( Last Supper), a stone, and any other objects you wish to use to tell the Easter story.

Directions: Put the story object in the eggs. Be sure to leave one egg empty (the empty tomb). Using the permanent marker, number the eggs in the order of the Easter story. (The number of the eggs you use will depend on the number of objects you choose from the list and also on the attention span of the children in your group.) Place the eggs in the basket.

To Use:
Put the carpet squares on the floor in the shape of a cross. Have the children sit in a circle around the cross. Take egg number one out of the basket, open it, and tell the first part of the story. Pass the object around the circle so that all the children get a change to hold it. When it gets to the last child, have him or her place it on the carpet square cross. Continue until the basket is empty. Join hands in the circle and close with prayer. When your devotion time is over, place the objects in your worship area. ( In groups, older children can take turns choosing an egg and explaining the role of the object it contains to each other.)

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