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Catholic Adoptive Parenting Columnist Heidi Hess Saxton

Additional Catholic Mom Columns

Readers can find the resources mentioned in Heidi's column at her blog or available for purchase through our own store.

Recommended Books for Families with Adopted, Foster, and Special-Needs Children

Some time ago I was asked to compile a list of recommended resources for “Extraordinary Moms” (especially adoptive, foster, and special-needs families). Well, after a lot of time and some effort, I put together a list of my personal favorites. It’s not exhaustive, merely an initial effort that I plan to expand as I encounter new resources.

What I found most interesting is that there were very few distinctively Catholic resources to add to the list, although there were some with a broadly Christian perspective. Apart from a book in the works by Dr. Ray Guarendi that is scheduled to come out (with OSV, I believe) in 2009, I found only one other book – at Pauline Books and Media – on adoption. Unfortunately, it had recently gone out of print. (Guess I really do need to write my own!)

For general resources, one site I found particularly valuable is “Tapestry Books”. This site offers an extensive selection for all kind of adoptive families, including behavioral difficulties that may surface after the adoption is complete. Another great resource for moms of adoptive and foster children is the website for “Adoptive Families” magazine. Again, these resources are generally not written from a Catholic perspective.

In my list at “Mommy Monsters,” I’ve included a special section for foster kids. These kids have a unique set of genetic and environmental challenges to overcome; while their parents can and should avail themselves of regular parenting resources, they need a special “tool bag” with kid-friendly resources to help them (even temporarily) help their kids. Books such as the How Do Dinosaurs… series, by Jane Yolan, give foster parents and parents of special-needs kids an opportunity to introduce kids to important social concepts in an indirect, non-critical way.

Finally, I included several books for foster parents that may help them to better understand the world their children came from. Children whose parents had substance abuse issues may benefit from Beautiful Boy, by David Scheff. Parents of children with a history of abuse or neglect may benefit from Silent Prisoner, the true story of a girl who emerged intact from countless cycles of abuse, neglect, and violence. For the same reason, stories such as A Child Named It can help parents better understand some of the challenges that face children who come out of the foster system.

For more information and a complete (for now) list of books, click here. I will update the list from time to time – if you come across a book that belongs on the list, please drop me a line.

Last but not least, this month at “EMN” I’m offering a free CD of Lorraine Hartsook’s “Bring This Child to Me” (a beautiful song about adoption) to the first fifty moms who send me a link to their site (displaying the EMN button) and physical address. If you would like to receive my newsletter and/or would like to help me promote this online resource for parents of extraordinary kids, please drop me a line today at [email protected]. Thanks … and God bless you!

Copyright 2008 Heidi Hess Saxton

Heidi Hess Saxton is the author of several books including Raising Up Mommy and founder of the “Extraordinary Moms Network” ( She and her husband Craig have two children and live in southeastern Michigan.

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11/03/08 Recommends:


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Adoption Resources:
These resources have been recommended by our readers.  To suggest a link or book, email [email protected] with your suggestion.
*Several readers have recommended local DHS and Catholic Charities for adoption resources. 

Little Flowers Foundation

Catholic Charities USA

National Council for Adoption

Priests for Life Alternatives to Abortion Resource Page

US Department of Health and Human Services

National Adoption

Information Clearinghouse

Catholic International Adoptive Parents Yahoo Group

Books by Heidi Hess Saxton:

When Moms Fail: Utah Mother Imprisoned for Death of Adopted Medically Fragile Infant

Love in Marriage: Inlaws, Outlaws, and Other Family Issues

Raising Up Mommy: A Study in Womanly Vice and Virtue

Behold Your Mother 

Let Nothing Trouble You: 60 Reflections from the Writings of Teresa of Avila (The Saints Speak Today) 

Dine Without Whine - A Family Friendly Weekly Menu Plan


Adoption Article Archives:

The "Prayer of Abandonment" for Adoptive Parents

Father, we abandon ourselves into your hands,
to send a child ... or not ... as you see fit.
You by whom the Word was made flesh,
send us a miracle, if this is what you desire.
Or lead us to her, if that be your will.

We do not ask for guarantees; no parent can.
Only light enough for the very next step.
We do not ask for a perfect child,
nor can we promise to be perfect parents.
Whatever you choose for us, whatever you desire
we abandon ourselves to your perfect will.

We are ready to offer our daily "yes,"
until that perfect will be revealed in us.
And until, at last perfected, we bear witness
to the work of redemption you began in Eden.

We love you, Lord, and offer ourselves to you,
wholly and without reservation.
We surrender ourselves, moment by moment,
knowing that this is only the first small step
Of a lifetime of surrender,
so that we may be made more perfect in love.
That we might imitate, on earth as in heaven,
the redemptive love
the adoptive love
the selfless love
with which you first loved us.




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