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A Spiritual Bouquet for Valentine's Day
Idea submitted by Pat Gohn, Article by Lisa Hendey

Looking for a Catholic craft for your children this Valentine's Day?  How about a spiritual "bouquet"?

A spiritual bouquet is "a card indicating that the sender will undertake certain devotional acts on behalf of another person, as in honor of a special occasion or in memoriam."

Valentine's Day is a time to share our love with one another, as Christ called us to do with His Greatest Commandment.  Even young children can be taught the value and benefit of praying for and with those we love.  Here is one idea for a "make it yourself" spiritual bouquet that would make the perfect gift for a parent, grandparent, teacher or special friend.

"He Loves Me Spiritual Bouquet"

Have little ones draw a daisy-like flower and put one intention or thanksgiving (with Mom's help if needed) that they will pray for on each petal. You could even make the petals heart-shaped if you want. Cut out the flower shape. Decorate according to taste/ability. Then you can glue/paste/staple the flower to a plastic straw "stem".

Place the flower or flowers in a vase (as simple or elaborate as you wish). Each night at supper, pray for one different intention as a family after you pray your grace before meals. This little bouquet will remind you to pray for these needs, or to lovingly thank God for his gifts in the next few weeks before we come to Ash Wednesday.

If you want to be really elaborate, you can also design your flowers so you can "pick" off a petal each night (in "He-loves-me; He-loves-me-not" fashion).

However, with Christ, the answer is ALWAYS: HE LOVES ME!

Pat Gohn is married to Bob for 23 years, with three children, ages 12 thru 18. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Theology, while being at home with her family in Massachusetts. Visit Pat’s blog “Write in Between” at  Lisa Hendey is the webmaster of .

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