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Catholic Mom Video Spotlight
The Healing Prophet: Solanus Casey Recommends:


Catholic Video Spotlight: The Healing Prophet: Solanus Casey
Interview with Filmmaker Audrey Geyer, GL Productions
By Lisa M. Hendey

The life of Capuchin Franciscan Fr. Solanus Casey is a model of humble faith and service. Through a new video documentary, The Healing Prophet: Solanus Casey Catholic families can learn more about this special man who was declared a “Venerable” by Pope John Paul II on July 11, 1995. I had an opportunity recently to view the 59 minute documentary produced by GL Productions and found it both inspirational and informative.

The documentary opens with a retrospective look at the life of Fr. Solanus, born Bernard Francis Casey on November 25, 1870, including a look at his immigrant parents and Catholic upbringing. From early adulthood, Fr. Casey sought to dedicate his life to the service of others. The documentary details his vocational path and welcoming ministry. For over forty years, Fr. Casey met with and helped people in a remarkably accessible fashion. He was called a “people’s priest”, and was known for his counseling and healing. Some of the highlights of The Healing Prophet: Solanus Casey are the firsthand accounts from people who requested and benefited from Fr. Casey’s prayerful intercession. The film recounts Fr. Solanus Casey’s gift of prophecy and his encouragement that people come to a complete confidence in and accepting of God’s will, regardless of the outcome of their situation. Lovely footage of the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit, a pilgrimage destination, will leave the viewer with a desire to visit this special place of devotion. Viewing firsthand the details of the extraordinary life of the simple man left me wanting to know more about Fr. Solanus Casey and his case for canonization.

I am pleased to share the following conversation with filmmaker Audrey Geyer, who shares her comments on the making of The Healing Prophet: Solanus Casey.

Q: Please tell our readers a bit about the filmmakers.

A: The documentary was self-funded, produced, directed, shot and edited by myself and my husband, Kevin Lindenmuth. Together, we make our living on our independent video projects. Our company is called GL Productions, and it is located near Detroit Michigan. A number of our documentaries have aired nationally on PBS. Topics of interest to us include spiritual issues, social affairs topics, profile pieces on inspirational individuals and some health-related topics. The topics we choose to do programs on, all have some personal connection to our lives.

Q: What prompted this project and what went into its making?

A: The Solanus Casey Center is located in Detroit, about an hour from our home and business. And because we were so inspired by the Center and Solanus' life, we wanted to share it with others through a documentary profile on his living legacy. The Center itself is a place of great peace and spiritual inspiration. It is called a "Pilgrimage Center" by the Friars. And Solanus' life of service to others, especially the poor and sick, and his deep Faith in God is reflected beautifully throughout the building. Solanus' tomb is located within the Center and people still pray there today for his intercessions, as he is well known for his Healing abilities.

It took us a little over a year to complete the project. We shot about 35 hours of footage. A one-hour television version was produced as well as an 85 minute Extended Director's Cut, which has more specific information on the Center itself. (EWTN will be airing the shorter version in the near future.)

Q: How can readers obtain or order a copy of the video?

A: Specific information on how to order both lengths of the documentary can be found on our web site at People can pay by credit card through our web site as well. The program is available in both VHS and DVD.

Q: How can readers get additional information on Fr. Solanus?

A: Readers can obtain additional information on Solanus Casey from the Solanus Casey Center web site at or by calling 313-579-2100. The Solanus Casey Guild can provide information on the cause for his Sainthood.

Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and Visit her at for more information.


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