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Catholic Mom Video Spotlight

Holy Baby! 2 - Jesus Loves Me, He is the Bread of Life






Teaching Toddlers the Truths of Our Faith
Review of Holy Baby! 2 - Jesus Loves Me, He is the Bread of Life
By Lisa M. Hendey

Holy Baby! 2With the October release of their second DVD aimed at Catholic babies and toddlers, The Rosary Project has hit another home run.  Holy Baby! 2 - Jesus Loves Me, He is the Bread of Life will please both little children and the people who love them.

This forty minute DVD offers options for listening in English, Spanish and French, as well as a “song only” option which enables the user to select video accompaniment for their personal favorite song selections.  While the DVD is aimed at the under seven crowd, older siblings and parents can also listen and learn as some of the classics of our faith are taught.  Unlike so many “baby” CDs that tend to grate on a mom’s nerves, Holy Baby! 2 - Jesus Loves Me, He is the Bread of Life offers a wonderful blend of beautiful music, classic Catholic prayers, and scriptural references, with the backdrop of high quality video clips.

The DVD’s Eucharistic devotion is clear from the opening credits, which dedicate the project to the memory of Pope John Paul II, in thanksgiving for the inspiration offered by his “Year of the Eucharist”.   The video’s content and scriptural references teach about the Eucharist in a manner which is both understandable and dogmatically correct.  Among the many charming “actors” featured in the DVD, your child will likely be drawn to repeated images of the smiling priest featured in the Eucharistic segments.

Speaking of actors, my favorite stars in this particular production are the children who grace the video.  A broad range of ages and ethnicities are represented, doing typical things kids do.  Another star of the show is the computer generated “Baby Bosco” character and loveable pup “Grigio” who appear throughout the DVD.

One of my favorite components of Holy Baby! 2 - Jesus Loves Me, He is the Bread of Life is the music.  Both adult and children’s voices are presented and the tunes range from the ageless favorite “Rise and Shine” to church classics such as “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” and “Faith of Our Fathers”.  Running throughout the DVD is a beautiful new “Catholic version” of the tune “Jesus Loves Me”, which is lovingly adapted with a new Catholic focus.

The DVD includes numerous prayers you will want your child to know and love, ranging from the Sign of the Cross and the Our Father to St. Alphonsus Ligouri’s Prayer of Adoration.  Additionally, the DVD includes several thematic scripture readings.  The only shortcoming that I found in the video relates to these readings:  I would have liked to have heard the citations for the bible sections or seen them printed on the screen when the readings were proclaimed.  The exact bible references are, however, printed on the DVD’s cover.

If you’ve got a little Catholic in your life, you’ll want to purchase The Rosary Project’s Holy Baby! 2 - Jesus Loves Me, He is the Bread of LifeWith beautiful music, artful and inspiring video, and a true focus on our faith, this DVD should have a place in every Catholic home.  I’m looking forward to Holy Baby 3 and will be adding this to my list of gifts for future baby showers and baptisms.

To purchase Holy Baby 2: Jesus Loves Me, He is the Bread of Life visit Aquinas and More

Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and Visit her at for more information.



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