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We are pleased to recommend the following video releases from Oblate Media and Communication and - the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.  These videos can be ordered through the Oblates web site.


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The Immaculate Conception - December 8, 2004 will be the 150th Anniversary of Ineffabilis Deus; the Papal document that raised the Immaculate Conception to the status of formal doctrine. Often confused with the Virgin Birth, this program explains that the Immaculate Conception is not about Jesus, but is the story of how Mary was conceived in the womb of her mother, St. Anne, without the stain of Original Sin.  This is also the story of one Bishop (St. Eugene DeMazenod) who attended the Vatican Assemblies prior to Pope Pius IX's document and what the belief in Mary's Immaculate Conception meant to him and the religious order he founded: the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. Ages 12 through adult 17 min.

Spirituality and the Two Halves of Life - Growth and discipleship have two distinct parts. We leave home at an early age and spend many years trying to find our way back. How do we get back home again? That's the spiritual task for the first half of life. But, where do we go once we're back home? Incl. Leader's guide. Adult audiences, RCIA Approx. 2 hours in 3 parts.


Connecting with God - Have you ever thought of God as you gaze out at the ocean, listen to your favorite music, or as you have a real good stretch in the morning? If so, you were "Connecting with God". Sr. Dorothy Ederer, O.P., shows how we can use gestures to pray when we have no words. Fr. Brendan Moss, O.S.B, helps us see how music can connect us to life and to God. Kathleen Chesto invites us to pray surrounded by the power and beauty of nature. Creative, informative, entertaining, "Connecting with God" is tailor-made for teen retreats or prayer time in class. It is also excellent for RCIA and adult education. Study guide included.

More Teen Scenes - More real life moral dilemmas faced by today's young people are presented realistically and sensitively so that intelligent, productive discussions can take place. Each 5-7 minute vignette shows a typical teen facing a moral dilemma and your audience is taken up to the point where a decision is made. At that point. the program ends allowing your group to discuss what should take place. Comprehensive leader's guide provides questions and background for serious discussion. The four vignettes tackle the subjects of Chastity, Alcohol, Bullies and Racism. Jr. high school and up. Approx. 30 min

Sing Along Prayers with Little Angelina -
Lil' Angelina introduces 11 different animated music videos with prayers for morning, bedtime, blessings, thanks, mealtime, forgiveness and much more! Children can even follow the highlighted words to sing-a-long, offering younger children an entertaining lesson in reading as well as prayer! Great for pre-school children at home, church, daycare, anywhere!


First Communion:  A Family Journey - Here's a wonderful new parish resource for family catechesis. Produced in cooperation with the religious education specialists at the Silver Burdett Ginn Religion Division, this new program provides separate segments for children and parents. The meaning of the Eucharist, Baptism and full membership in the Church is made clear to both 1st Communicants and their parents. The importance of parental involvement and family activities in preparation for the big day are also provided.  Viewers will see clips from a diverse collection of 1st Communion celebrations gaining a greater sense of the universality of this important step in a youngster's life. Discussion guide included. 

Close Encounters with the Mass - The popular series continues with a young person who just can't understand why Sunday mornings can't be used to catch up on sleep. After all, what does this old-fashioned ceremony mean to young people? Our angels visit shows that the Mass involves celebrating a special Meal, Thanksgiving, and Sacrifice. The important objects like the Tabernacle, Alb and Altar are shown along with the various elements of the Mass. The angel shows young people what the Mass means to them and how they are a vital part of the Catholic faith. Study guide included.

The Mestiza Virgin: Our Mother of the Americas - Produced in honor of the canonization of St. Juan Diego, this program provides valuable insight into the historical, cultural and religious significance of the devotion to OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE. In a dramatic flashback to the time of Cortez and the Spanish Conquistadors, the conquest of the Aztecs is seen through the eyes of an indigenous woman and a Spanish priest overseeing the mission where she now works as a servant. More than just a re-telling of the miracle, this program tells what the appearance meant then and now, for as Pope John Paul II declared at the Canonization of St. Juan Diego, she is THE MOTHER OF THE AMERICAS - Also available in Spanish!

Teen Scenes - Ethical / moral decision making is the focus of this exciting new video featuring four vignettes dramatizing the kinds of moral dilemmas facing today's young people. Talented teen actors realistically portray their peers in a series of situations in which decisions must be made while dealing with issues like peer pressure, social cliques, making grades and materialism. Each vignette last four to seven minutes and ends at the point where the decision must be made the rest is up to the viewer! A leader's guide is included with questions to start the lively discussions that will surely follow this compelling new program. Scene #1. Plagiarism, Scene #2 Shoplifting, Scene #3 Peer Pressure, Scene #4 Gossip

Why Catholics Do What They Do In Church - Symbols and signs are essential to the Roman Catholic Liturgy and Ritual. Candles; what do they represent? How and when are they used and how do they affect us? Water; it can be a symbol of death as well as life and it is used in some of the Church's most important rituals. Gestures; how standing, kneeling, hand gestures, and even sitting down have specific purposes in the mass. Crosses; in addition to the symbol of Christianity which hangs in every church, we cross ourselves and make "the sign of the cross" at important moments in our rituals. This program will help young people, catechumens and even life-long Catholics to better understand the important reasons for these traditions and how they help us grow in faith. (A study guide is included for discussion) 6th grade through high school

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