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Catholic Mom Video Spotlight

Baby Miracle - The Story of Creation



Teaching Your Baby about the Beauty of God’s Creation
Product Review of The Story of Creation by Baby Miracle
By Lisa M. Hendey

Even though my sons are now both in school, I can easily remember those days of being a young mom, parenting babies.  Back in those olden days, we did not yet have access to DVDs, and video entertainment for babies was limited to clunky VHS tapes of large purple dinosaurs or Disney epics.  I can remember desperately placing my eldest, Eric, in front of a tape of Fantasia in his car seat on the floor, in a frantic attempt to catch a quick shower.

Times have changed and the choices of entertainment for babies have developed and advanced.  Parents can now offer their little viewers both entertainment and enrichment with their video selections.  The Story of Creation, a DVD from Baby Miracle, is one such product.  Gently introducing baby to the Genesis version of the story of how God created our world, this video fuses uplifting music and beautiful images to great effect.

Accompanying a backdrop of soothing instrumental music, a child’s voice narrates the video’s introduction.  I’ve been around enough babies to know that they love “big kids”, so the choice of a child narrator is sure to catch baby’s attention.  The video goes on to tell the biblical story of the beginning of our world.  As in the Bible, the story is broken into seven “days”.  Each segment features a cute hand puppet and a bright illustration, focusing on what God created each day.

On the first day, God created Light.  The DVD blends stunning images of light, introducing the world “light” in the corner of the screen for those wanting to introduce their children to whole language concepts early in life.  The various forms of light presented fluctuate from fireworks to a flashing light bulb to a softly glowing candle, while a selection of instrumental music plays softly in the background.

Music plays a large part in these early childhood videos, and the selections presented in The Story of Creation should please both baby and parent.  Songs range from time-tested  classics to familiar bible songs to an adorable children’s choir rendition of “Peace Like a River” during the Day 2 water segment.

The formula of images and music for each day continues, with some days featuring multiple items created.  There is a certain element of repetition, but as I noted with my own children, this is not necessarily a negative.  Babies and toddlers seem to enjoy seeing repeated images over and over again.

My own personal favorite “day” in the video is Day 5, featuring a broad array of images of birds and fish, underscoring God’s true mastery and brilliance in the creation of our world.  I do have to say that I found the images for Day 6, the day when God created animals and people, to be less interesting.  I felt that there could have been a greater diversity of people presented, including broader age ranges and ethnic backgrounds.

Overall, I would strongly recommend The Story of Creation by Baby Miracle as a beautiful and stimulating tool to share with your baby.  Bonus features on the disk include a “repeat video” feature, for Moms needing a longer shower or break than the video’s 35 minute length, and a “flash card” feature blending still images of many of the items in the video with the correct spelling of each word.  This might be of interest to Baby’s older siblings who are experimenting with learning to read.  The children and babies featured throughout this DVD are adorable evidence of the gifts God has given us though our children.

For more information or to purchase The Story of Creation by Baby Miracle visit Amazon.

Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and For more information, visit her at Recommends





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