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Ebeth WeidnerPillar Talk
by Elizabeth Weidner

Additional Catholic Mom Columns

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A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars



Additional Columns by Ebeth Weidner:

A conversation at the Pillar's house yesterday

Fiddler daughter after being captivated by watching the ALL videos on the computer:

What is Planned Parenthood all about?

Me: Well, they teach that ending a pregnancy, no matter what reason, is the solution.

Fiddler: It says that the birth control pill kills babies, too. It's another form of abortion.

Me: Yeah, that's why the Church teaches that sex before marriage is wrong, that it only takes one time to make a baby and aborting a baby is murder. It is not any more the answer to problems than divorce. God created man and woman to become a family. If you look around and see what holds society together, it's the family. Homosexual couples, people who co-habitate (playing marriage), single parents don't hold up society, they weigh it down, water down the moral atmosphere.

Fiddler: What happens to the mother? Does abortion hurt?

Me: Well, if the procedure doesn't hurt, the memory of it does, for the rest of a person's life, I have even read where the fathers are deeply affected by the fact that their baby(ies) were killed. This is something that a woman may at the beginning feel that they have solved a problem, but later on in life realize what they did and feel deep remorse for the rest of their life.

Ebeth Weidner is the wife of a scientist and mom of 3 great kids. Learning her faith and passing it on to her family is her greatest challenge that brings joy to their family life. A published heirloom sewist in Sew Beautiful magazine, she is the author of “A Catholic Mom climbing the Pillars” blog, Ebeth shares her journey with parents on where the Catholic Church is found in a family’s daily living as she climbs the pillars of the Church as a soon-to-be Master Catechist.

© Ebeth Weidner 2008

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