Year of the Eucharist

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The Lamb's Supper - The Mass as Heaven on Earth Book / Video / CDs / Tapes

Additional Eucharist Books

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Encyclical Letter ECCLESIA DE EUCHARISTIA of His Holiness Pope John Paul II on the Eucharist and its relationship to the Church

Living the Year of the Eucharist

Eucharist Books -
helpful resources from the Catholic Company

Year of the Eucharist - helpful resource web site

Year of the Eucharist at Real Life Rosary - this wonderful web site offers weekly meditations on the Sunday Gospel for the Year of the Eucharist, Papal encyclicals, study guides and much more.

Resources for Children:

Altar Vessels Word Search
Altar Vessels WS Solution
Chalice C
Ciborium C
Eucharistic Terms Word Search
Eucharistic Terms WS Solution
Monstrance Coloring Activity
Monstrance Worksheet
Sanctuary Items Word Search
Sanctuary Items WS Solution


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Children's Books on the Eucharist

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