What do the Nativity and country line dancing have in common?  Both figured predominantly this week in the annual Christmas pageant at our Catholic school, St. Anthony's.  This year's play, "Christmas at Bethlehem Gulch" featured a country western setting.  Our beloved pastor, Fr. Rob Wenzinger, even came dressed the part in cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat.

This photo is a Catholic Mom's desperate attempt to catch her eighth grade son in all his line-dancing glory!  Unfortunately, Adam's moves were too smooth for me to capture with a camera, but the blur you see in the center of this photo was the evening's best line dancer (not that I'm biased at all!)

Read more about our wonderful tradition of Christmas pageants over at Faith and Family Live! in my post today.  I would love to hear about the way your school or homeschooling group celebrates the Christmas season in song and celebration!