There have been some important updates on CLO since the last time I wrote about it here that I needed to make Catholic Mom readers aware of.  But first, in case you missed that column, please take a look at this post on why cod liver oil is such a superfood.  Babies in the womb, nursing babies, and toddlers all need it to build their brains.  In children and teens it can help prevent behavior or learning issues.  In everyone it is good for our hearts, our mental health, and for many more reasons.  Be sure to read more at that post, including the related links at the bottom.

Some people may go to their doctors, though, and they'll advise against a daily dose of CLO, or they'll warn against taking too much.  I'm not suggesting you don't listen to your doctor, but keep in mind that no one can be up on everything.  They may not be aware of the huge differences between the synthetic vitamins in lower quality CLO and natural vitamins in good quality CLO.  Look this post over about possible vitamin toxicity with CLO and decide for yourself.

Read about why fermented cod liver oil is even better than regular cod liver oil.  Our family will take this kind from now on, without a doubt.  It is more natural, unheated, and full of the most nutrients.

Lastly, read about why I don't recommend the same brand of CLO capsules as I have in the past, due to the vast differences mentioned above between synthetic and natural vitamins.

There you have it, the latest on cod liver oil - now I'm sure you'll sleep better at night with all the current information on such a riveting topic!

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