Yes it is that time of year where we the people report our income to Uncle Sam for the previous year.  This task is typically one of negativity – it is a time consuming and sometimes painful experience, especially if it is discovered that we owe our government more money.

I would like for you to look at this tax time as positive & rewarding experience.  This is an opportunity to review your past and develop plans for your future.  Maybe those plans include adapting new organizational skills.  Or maybe you have goals to make more money in 2009.  Whatever your plans are – make them for the whole family and involve everyone.

Tax time is a huge blessing for me.  As a tax professional, this is the time that I can share my experiences and knowledge to assist others with their goals and financial strategies.  I have the opportunity to share my God-given talents.  It is also a huge blessing for me to witness how our family pulls together during this busy time for Mom – our kids pitch in a little extra with household chores to keep me from going completely crazy.  When I see teamwork happening in our household I feel assured that no matter what happens in life, my children will be able to work together.

This could also be a great time to pray for our leaders – that they carefully review and analyze proposed legislation before acting on it.  Hopefully they will make decisions that are in ‘our’ best interest.

Best wishes and much wealth to you during your blessed tax time!

Information provided by Lesley Johnson, Enrolled Agent of Johnson Financial Services. Lesley is the mother of four (ages 12, 7, 5 and 2). Her family resides in Basehor, KS. You email questions and comments to or call the Money Hotline at 816-289-0476.

Copyright 2009 Lesley Johnson