Walk On is the debut project for Trinity Session a group of four women from Lancaster, Pennsylvania singing praise to God. Although the women first began performing together in 1995, it wasn’t until 2001 that they officially banded together, and in 2006 they released their debut album Walk On.

Trinity Session could be compared stylistically to Avalon or Point of Grace. Walk On doesn’t have the big production sound of an Avalon album, but the group certainly isn’t lacking talent or creativity. Listeners can expect four-part harmony throughout the album, although at times it overwhelms the melody. Also, pitch problems creep up in both the melody and harmonies during the complex use of diminished and jazz chords. Both of these issues are easily corrected with a combination of vocal coaching and production. The group’s lead singer Valerie Martin writes the majority of the songs, which cover the gamut from gospel spirituals, to contemporary power ballads to gentle meditative prayer. The sound and style of Trinity Sessions has great potential to rise to the next level by tightening up their writing, vocals, and production.

Highlights on Walk On include the traditional "Peace Prayer," the bluesy yet upbeat "It’s a God Thing" and "The Canticle of Mary." I predict Walk On will appeal to listeners who enjoy easy listening, inspirational music. To purchase Walk On and learn more about Trinity Sessions, check out their very cool website at www.trinitysession.com.

Reviewed by Billie Tarascio

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