Adam and I are headed to San Jose overnight since he will be fencing in the Paul Pesthy Memorial Tournament tomorrow. Due to his mom's "slacker" ways, this is the first tournament Adam has entered this year - so at least one of the two of us is a bit nervous.

In fencing, Adam has found a sport he truly enjoys.  Part of me would love to skip entirely the competitive aspects of the sport and just let my son enjoy playing a game he loves.  His coach, however, has a different perspective - so we're headed off to see how it goes!  Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, I'm a very proud mom.  Adam has worked very diligently to prepare and is in great shape.  He is also a true sportsman - a gentleman with excellent manners and a great attitude.  These attributes follow him off the fencing strip and into everyday life.  So in my book, he's already a winner!