For those looking for Catholic VBS curricula this year, there are some great options!  I love the Cat Chat!, Growing with the Saints, and Discovery Canyon (OSV) programs.

Now, I'm also happy to share some news about another program entitled Heroes in Heaven.  Here is some additional information on this program, which was created by a homeschooling mom of six:

Heroes In Heaven, a vacation bible school program designed by Tammy Gabrelcik of Mt. Gilead, Ohio, follows the lives and lessons of the Catholic saints, helping to teach abstract ideas and reinforce catechism concepts.

"So often, I think, the catechism just isn’t sticking with our children...and the lives of the saints just get put on the shelf...but they’re so important," says Gabrelcik, who became inspired to create Heroes In Heaven in the year 2000 when she discovered that the only vacation bible school programs available were non-denominational programs with minor adaptations to make them Catholic-friendly. "Nothing like this is available."

Each day of the five-day program is centered around one particular saint, telling the story through games, crafts, snacks, puppet shows, music and activities that help participating children ages 4-12 retain the teachings and importance of that saint. "The program is fun, hands-on, hard-core Catholic learning," says Gabrelcik. "It helps us grow in holiness and learn how to apply the lessons of the saints to real life."

The Heroes In Heaven program package includes the introduction booklet with detailed instructions, lesson plans and suggestions for the instructors of the program, and five booklets each focusing on five different saints. The package also includes a music CD, DVD and image CD to supplement the booklets. The program package was designed to keep additional costs at a minimum, so after purchasing Heroes In Heaven, only basic art supplies like scissors, glue and markers are needed. "It’s such a unique program, and it’s so affordable," says Gabrelcik, who uses many recyclable products and items from around the house in the crafts and activities.

With a background in art education and teaching, Gabrelcik is a homeschooling mother of six who has included her children in the creation of the program. "It’s a grassroots, family project that we are doing together."

Gabrelcik, who came from an un-churched family, converted to Catholicism and soon discovered the passion and inspiration of each one of the heavenly role models. "They teach us that there is always more we can give, more we can do, bringing us closer to Christ."

To order the Heroes In Heaven package or for more information about the program visit or call 419.768.2677.