Lynne Clark is a new and refreshing face on the Catholic music scene and her debut CD, Later On, presents 11 songs rooted in scripture, telling stories showing the Gospel in action.

The style is straightforward pop and the voice is strong and passionate. Songs such as "A Better Cup of Wine" and the catchy "Later On" relate the gospel stories in a fresh new way.

There is more to this CD than stories using scripture. Lynne also tells stories of life. The stories are not always easy to hear but she injects the hope of the Gospel in each of them. For example, "Little Flower" describes the anguish of an abused, neglected child, yet the refrain cries out, "Come on, come on little flower; let the Lamb dry your eyes."

In "Innocent Man," she relates the feelings of someone falsely accused who places his burden and trust on Another who experienced the same and died for it.

I was intrigued too by "In the Middle of The Trek" which is a strong affirmation of faith on the part of this songwriter about the road she’s chosen to travel in service to the Lord.

I look forward to hearing more from Lynne Clark. You can purchase Later On from CD Baby at

Copyright 2009 Susan Bailey