Reflection on the Daily Readings for 5/10/09 by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: Fifth Sun. after Easter (B). Acts 9:26-31. Psalm
22:26- I John 3:18-24. John 15:1-8. Lectionary # 54:

After the Resurrection of Jesus the apostles and followers of Jesus were so
filled with the Holy Spirit that they became bold and passionate about
bringing others into believing in Jesus. They lived holy and apostolic
lives that led to attracting large numbers into the emerging movement that
was separating itself from its matrix, Judaism.  It is due to this dynamic
spread of Christianity under them that we present day believers in Jesus as
Lord and Savior owe our own sense of belonging to Christian communities.
We are the fruits of their labors; we are the churches the apostles left
behind but now in new settings of time, geography, and practices.  The
essentials remain the same but the expression of them have new approaches
to how we express our passion about the person of Jesus and how we
participate in the mission handed on to us through the centuries. The
spirituality they gave us is at the heart of what we do, say, and witness.

In the Gospel we now have another metaphor that is allegorically
interpreted by John himself.  The vine and the branches leads us to
appreciate the deeper unity and relationship we have with Jesus; the
metaphor goes beyond the Good Shepherd and the sheep figure of speech. We
are one with Jesus who is one with the Father. Jesus expresses his love to
the Father through the Holy Spirit.  It is Jesus who has told us about the
Holy Spirit who now is the source and wellspring of our belief in him and
his mission.  The two themes of John's Gospel now coalesce with one
another, the theme of faith in his person and love of God and neighbor. It
is not enough to have faith in Jesus we must observe and relish the living
out of his commandments which are seen throughout the Gospels. Whether
through beatitudes or through the lessons we learn from the Johannine
dialogues and monologues. It is Jesus who spurs us on throughout each day
to believe in him and to love one another.  By our belief in the
Resurrected Lord we are strengthened and rendered fruitful in our ministry
of bringing Jesus to others with passionate zeal.  We are led as branches
on the vine to understand the life that is flowing in us is now that of
Jesus. The light of our belief is in Jesus and the ways that we follow or
map out are his ways. Amen.