The Early Childhood Education Center over at Our Sunday Visitor is always an excellent resource for great activities for your home or classroom.  This month, their focus is on our Blessed Mother Mary.  They are offering a wonderful, free downloadable coloring booklet featuring the "Flowers of Mary" - flowers named on behalf of Our Lady.

This reminds me that it's time to get out in the back yard and refresh my Mary Garden a bit.  I hope to share photos of it with you as soon as I retake it from the wilds!

Also this month, OSV has a wonderful printable activity guide featuring several great craft and activity ideas to introduce Mary to little learners.  Check out both resources here.

In addition to the great Early Childhood Recommendations, the Teaching Catholic Kids section is also filled with great ideas and suggestions for older children:

Activity One: (Grades K-5): Make May Day Baskets»

Activity Two (Grade 6 and up):  From OSV Newsweekly May 3 issue: A proposal: Computer games can be beneficial for children»

Activity: Invite the young people to look at the "Computer Game Lessons" section near the end of the article. Have them create their own list. Send them to us and we'll post them on the Daily Take blog. Email Dave:

Teacher Pattern: Mary Asks Jesus’ Help at the Wedding Feast (PDF)»

Soul Food for Teachers: From May 2009 Grace In Action, "Make Time for moments of beauty"»

Catechist Know-How: From Mary Lou Rosien»

Please share your suggestions of other great Marian activities here in the comments.