Reflection on the Daily Readings for 6/13/09 by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: Sat. of 2 week. II Cor. 5:14-21. Psalm 103:1-2.3-4.8-9.11-12.
Matthew 5:33-37. Lectionary # 364:

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."  Paul does this so
well and we can learn from his letters to do the same.  He teaches, prays,
and preaches from the depth of his being and exclaims that the love of
Christ is what urges him on and compels him to bring this love to those who
are willing to listen--that includes all of us.  Today's selection of Paul
has him calling the ones who listen and are open to God speaking through
Paul that they are ambassadors of God's reconciling love, God's kindness,
and God's forgiveness.  We are called through Paul to join the ambassadors
of God's reconciliation in our own work, prayer, and ministry to others. We
are that new creation in Christ through our Baptism and we share in all of
Christ's mysteries of love, compassion, and freedom. Paul tells us, "God
has reconciled us in himself through Christ and has givne us the ministry
of reconciliation.

Psalm 103 is a good prayer for helping us to be ambassadors of Christ as
Paul was and is through his writings. "The Lord is kind and merciful. Bless
the Lord my soul and all my being bless his holy name."

Jesus too has a message for us today as he continues preaching and teaching
on the Mount.  We open our hearts to him just as we do to Paul's message on
reconciliation.  Jesus calls us to be so honest and transparent in our
witness and our lives dedicated to him that we do not need to take an oath
in order to show this authentic wholesomeness in what we do and say.  This
is not an impossible ideal; it is the practical wisdom of Jesus teaching us
this in his Sermon on the Mount.  We will then know when to give people a
yes that is the best answer for them and a no when that is what is most
needed.  Amen.