In reading the headlines today, one caught my eye:  "Mom Arrested For Catholic School Toga Party".  Perhaps because my boys are teens and we typically host their friends in our home, the article hits home and provides me with the reminder that I need to be very vigilant in my supervision.  Our sons and their friends are great kids, but I'd never say that something like this won't happen with them - a party involving drinking that gets out of control - but I can say that it won't be happening in my house.

We would never host a party where alcohol was served.  The facts in the article seem to be contradicted by many of the comments below that seem to indicate that the mom in question, Debbie Gibney, was not serving alcohol and was trying to handle a situation gone horribly wrong.  Not knowing the families involved or the facts of the case, all I can say is that I'm praying for the Gibney family, the students of Cathedral High School, and teens and their parents everywhere.  The journey to adulthood is a precarious path.  Situations such as this are a great reminder that we all need to be very careful with our most precious resource - our children.