Congratulations to Matthew Baute for hitting the #1 spot with his song IT IS MERCY (from the CD-River of Grace, World Library Publications) on the Top 10 at 10 countdown with RockinRon broadcast on KBCU Radio in Bethel, KS, and syndicated on several other stations. RockinRon has often been referred to as the "Christian Wolfman Jack" as he goes against the norm in Christian radio today and plays "whatever he wants, by whomever he wants". His weekly Top 10 at 10 countdown is voted on each week by his supporting listeners. Just this week RockinRon was featured in CRW (Christian Radio Weekly) for being an "interactive DJ" as he now broadcasts his Saturday Night Christian Show via webcast worldwide.

RockinRon heard the song IT IS MERCY when Matthew performed it LIVE at the 2009 KCCM Awards held in Kansas City in April. He introduced it to his listening audience about 4 weeks later and it quickly raced up the chart. RockinRon also mentions Matthew's Prayer Video for IT IS MERCY that can be viewed on his website and other sites such as TANGLE, 4Marks, LoveToBeCatholic and more.

Aly Bleistine
General Manager
ALBIE Entertainment

Submitted by Susan Bailey