misbehave kidscleanedYou have volunteered to be a CCD teacher and you find yourself with challenges that all catechists must face. You wonder how you are going to do it and how you are going to handle certain situations in the classroom. So to combat this, you thoroughly plan and prepare for your class, but the nagging feeling of losing control of the classroom because of misbehaved students makes you feel discouraged, unequipped, and scared. When asked what their major concern when teaching CCD, catechists usually say discipline.

So how can catechists not loose control of their classroom?

Rule #1: Don’t panic. When discipline problem arise, remain calm and in control.

Rule #2: Have a Behavior Management System.

The Four Components of (just about) Any Good Classroom Behavior Management System

Rule #3: Have Classroom Rules. If your church does not have classroom rules you need to write up some for your class. Write up rules and have them approved by the DRE.

When writing your classroom rules, state rules in a positive manner. Rules should tell students what they are supposed to do, not just what to avoid.

Devise consequences for when rules are violated. They must be related to the offence, respectful, and reasonable.

Go over rules and consequences thoroughly (giving examples for each rule) during class and post them so students can see it. Make sure that each student understands the rules and consequences. You can also type it up and have each student bring it home for their parents to read, sign, and bring back to your class.


Classroom Rules

We will be kind to everybody.

We will raise our hand when we want to speak.

We will use inside voices.

We will walk inside the room.

We will listen to the teachers and follow directions.

We keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.

We respect others and their property.

We will clean up after ourselves.


1st time- Verbal reminder to show the correct behavior. (Example: Tommy, we raise our hand when we want to speak.)

2nd time- Move to a table by themselves.

3rd time- Sent to the office of the DRE.

Rule #4: Reinforce Good Behavior.

Catch Them Being Good (Example: Thank you Tommy for raising your hand.)

Rule #5: Be Consistent.

Always keep to the rules and follow through with consequences.

What tips do you have for discipline in the classroom?