Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Saints: Our Friends & Teachers: Fun & Easy Activities - The saints are real people and their example can have a lifelong impact on your children. This unique and creative resource offers delightful stories about the saints as well as patterns and simple instructions for making figures of the saints using a soft and flexible foam material. Each chapter includes:
• reasons why a particular saint can positively influence the children;
• objectives for each lesson;
• symbols for each saint;
• suggestions for presenting the material and creating the characters;
• the story/dialogue, which can be read or performed;
• vocabulary words and a prayer. Choose the material that best fits into your regular lesson plan. Or use the stories and characters during your seasonal or inter generational assemblies. Saints are God’s gift to all of us. Their lives show us and our children that we are all called to holiness. They are truly our friends and teachers. Every catechist and religion teacher will want Saints, Our Friends and Teachers on their resource shelf.