Reflection on the Daily Readings for 10/21/09 by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: Lectionary # 475. Romans 6:12-18. Psalm 124:1-3.4-6.7-8.Luke

Peter is one of the "extroverts" in the Gospels and in Acts.  Today we hear
of his asking Jesus whether the parable of the thief coming at night
applies to him and the other apostles or to the whole world, that is , to
everyone.  The servant is to be prepared for the unexpected and this
includes protecting his master's home as well as being ready when the
master returns.  From the context as well as from the structure of the
Journey Narrative, the parable is directed primarily toward the immediate
followers of Jesus.  Peter and the eleven apostles are the recipients of
this important moral message. Luke probably intends this also for the
future leaders of the Church.  The Journey Narrative is almost ten chapters
and most of it is directed toward the formation of the disciples of Jesus.
Thus Peter is being told to be prepared for the return of the Lord, but
also may be being prepared for protecting the home (the Church ) of Jesus.

Jesus praises the servant who is prepared for protecting the home from the
thief. He is the good and faithful servant. Should the servant and slaves
not do this they will be punished upon the master's return.  We can easily
apply the parable to ourselves as followers of Jesus.  Being prepared is
the heart of the message whereas the final coming of Jesus is secondary.

We probably are noticing that the readings are more and more dealing with
being prepared and ready. This is the gentle whisper that the time of
Advent is approaching. Autumn leaves indicate that things are becoming more
and more dormant and the winds change, temperatures drop, and we yearn for
the last days of summer suns, but they are over and the mood of the season
happens to fit the approach of Advent through the readings that we hear at
the liturgy of the word.  Like the good servants who prepared for the
coming of the Lord and were ready to ward off anyone who tried to break
into the home, we realize that the parable is meant for us just as the rest
of the readings are.  Let us be patient in our waiting but also vigilant
and prepared. Amen.