What is the best way to facilitate a child's relationship with God through the Church in the most intensely real manner as early as possible in their young life? This question has fueled my pursuit of answers for almost 20 years. In 2000 I began the child development curriculum at Fresno City College, earning an associate of science degree in May, '05. I earned a bachelor's last December from CSUF, and am finishing my first year in a program to earn a master's degree in pastoral ministries.

My first class last January provided the framework for designing a ministry for a need seen in the local community. I was inspired to create Holy Child 0-5 Ministry, combining the 0-5 neuroscience with our wonderful Catholic faith. In my prayerful imagination I can see a new wave of holiness sparked by this and like projects as we facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit, giving our children every possible advantage for spiritual flourishing.

In July, I put this concept into pamphlet form, and am seeking 100 volunteers to receive a free pamphlet. In return will come tremendous blessings. I am asking volunteers to send a comment back to me which will be included in the research necessary for the book version of Holy Child 0-5 Ministry. Please check my website for further information. Thank you & God bless!