Reflection on Today’s Daily Readings by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Lectionary # 498: Tue of 33 week
Scripture: II Macc.6:18-31. Psalm 3:2-3.4-5.6-8. Luke 19:1-10:

Zaccheus is wealthy because of his expertise in collecting taxes in the
city of Jericho. He however has been searching and looking for someone or
something that would give him passion for living. Jesus is now in Jericho
and Zaccheus aware of this desires to see this unusual person who not only
speaks well but has some extraordinary powers of healing people. Realizing
that he is amidst a large crowd following Jesus, he is not able to see
Jesus because he is small in stature. He runs ahead of the crowd and finds
a biblical sycamore tree (one that is more like a bush than our lofty
sycamores that are unable to be climbed). His extra effort pays off, for
we have seen that Jesus is a great observer. He notices this crafty man and
summons him to come down and to have dinner with Jesus in his house. The
man is overwhelmed and says he will give people back twofold whatever he
may have made for himself in some of the taxes he has collected. His
confession and firm purpose of amendment are sincere and he does have an
evening with Jesus. Finally, he has some passion in his life and can go on
doing good for people rather than living off of them through taxes he

We see that Jesus calls this person by name unlike the blind person who
was healed on this same journey near Jericho. His hospitality and change
of attitude is a good model for our own openness to finding Jesus anew each
day. Jesus' saying at the end of this event is memorable: "The Son of Man
(Jesus himself in his total humanness) has come to search out and to save
what was lost."

Fr. John McKenzie a popular scripture scholar from the middle of the last
century enlivens the scene for us by saying, "The story of the dignitary,
small of stature, who climbed a tree to see the distinguished visitor and
was called down liek a small boy is told with humor." We too all need to
at times fall back into our "inner child" and climb up a tree in order to
get Jesus' attention and maybe be invited to a banquet with the
Lord--perhaps we have this opportunity each day in the Eucharist if we wish
it. Amen.