I have an interview request in to the makers of the new web "reality" series BUMP+, but while we wait for their responses, I thought I'd share the pilot episode.  Honestly, my jury is still out on this project.  I'm still uncomfortable with the thought of leaving the "decision" about life in the hands of a viewing audience.  Here's the basic layout for this show, taken from the BIUMP+ site:

In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court gave women a choice. Thirty-seven years later, we're giving them a voice. BUMP+, a provocative web series from Yellow Line Studio that follows three women facing unintended pregnancies, premieres January 22nd. Watch the episodes. Share your story. Join the conversation.

A day after 300,000+ marched for life in Washington D.C., I welcome anything that promotes a culture of life.  I guess my ultimate question is, does BUMP+ do that?  Over at Phases of Womanhood, Mary Hasson has shared her very well thought-out and reasoned response to BUMP+.  I am going to share a few of the episodes here and invite your take on this use of New Media.  Please no comments on the acting, the lighting, the sound or the makeup - I'm simply interested in knowing if how you feel about this type of project and its impact upon the Pro-Life movement?

Video Link