01_31_10_artFourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Pre-K Lesson Plans:

We will be providing weekly Pre-K lesson plans this year. These do not coincide with the Sunday Liturgy of the Word, but are specifically created for Catholic Pre-K learners.

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moore_coverRocking the Cradle Catholic - Raising healthy, holy, Catholic children is no easy task. Rocking the Cradle Catholic uses humor and simple, everyday examples – from how to choose a godparent, to prioritizing your vocation and other ministry work, to teaching children about war – in order to guide parents in practical imitation of the Holy Family. Recognizing parents as the primary catechists and family as the domestic church. Rocking the Cradle Catholic is meant to offer encouragement while challenging Catholic parents to be even more committed to their vocation of marriage and family life. Each chapter includes questions for contemplation and action that can be used for personal prayer or within a group setting.