ascensionThe Ascension of the Lord or the Seventh Sunday of Easter

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Bible Stories to Draw and Tell - You can keep the attention of a roomful of squirmy kids!  Here's a marvelous way to keep the attention of a roomful of squirmy children. All you need is a chalkboard and some chalk - or a dry-erase board, or even a big piece of paper. Then you're set to keep children spellbound with a few simple lines, swirls, dashes, and dots.  As you tell a story from Scripture, you gradually add the marks on the board. By the end of the story, you've drawn a picture that illustrates the meaning of the Scripture. Children will be delighted. Older children can even draw along with you to make the same picture.  This is the first book of its kind with a Catholic theme. It includes 25 stories from Scripture, carefully chosen to help children deepen their understanding of the Catholic Faith.