everson-followAndrew Everson follows up his "Psalms and Canticles" CD with a new project, "I'll Follow".

My first reaction when I heard this CD was surprise at how good it is. Having worked with Catholic radio for several years now, I have found that sometimes when I get a CD from a church choral group, it lacks a certain energy. That is not the case with this CD. The various musicians and vocalist from St. Joachim's Catholic Church of Costa Mesa, California, shine on this CD of music, most of which was written by Andrew Everson, who lends his guitar and vocals to this project. The only non-everson songs are Omer Westendorf's "Where Charity and Love Prevail" and Steven Ottomanyi's "When Angels Sound The Trumpet Call".

Andrew's music is well-crafted, and he gives us a variety of songs here. Songs about following God's call (I'll Follow), Faith (Good and Faithful Servant, The Mystery of Faith), Easter (He is Risen), and others. I also like the unique arrangment of "Where Charity and Love Prevail". This is definitely a must-hear CD!

1. Give Jesus a Dwelling Place
2. Messiah!
3. I'll Follow
4. Good and Faithful Servant
5. Jesus!
6. From the Wood of a Manger
7. He Is Risen!
8. The Mystery of Faith
9. Come Holy Ghost
10. Glory Be
11. That We May Be One
12. Where Charity and Love Prevail
13. When Angels Sound the Trumpet's Call

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Copyright 2010 Jim Logue