mzl.qrfzgzbe.320x480-75End your Marian month of May in style by giving yourself the gift of the new "Rosary Miracle Prayer" iPhone/iPod application from Pauline Books and Media.

I questioned whether or not I really needed another Rosary app on my iPhone - I already had two but really wasn't completely satisfied with either of them.  I'm so glad to have this new application, which seems absolutely perfect to me.  I have to preface my remarks by saying that I am a major fan of the Daughters of St. Paul and Pauline Media - they always seem to be on the forefront of media advances and continually deliver high quality products.

This Rosary Application is a continuation of that trend.  According to the iTunes store, the features for this app include:

• audio of the sisters praying the rosary: listen to the rosary or pray with the group
• never say the rosary alone again! Feel the comfort of praying with others.
• scripture introduction to each mystery with a meditative reflection.
• 18 sets of images to choose from for visual meditation while praying: vibrant photos, stained glass windows, icons, and religious art
• option to view images of the mysteries of the rosary or meaningful photos
• unique way to enter the rosary through the lens of your daily life, praying the needs of your heart
• scripture choices for each mystery for further reflection
• suggestions for prayer intentions for each mystery
• share miracles you receive and read those of others on associated website:
• clear, easy to follow diagram for how to pray the rosary
• introduction to the praying of the rosary: meditation on the lives of Jesus and Mary, prayers of the rosary
• e-mail a friend or loved one that you have prayed for them
• hymns sung by the internationally acclaimed Daughters of St. Paul Choir

The cost of the application is $2.99.  Having seen many Catholic iPhone apps lately, I'd have to say that this one is my new favorite.  I hope it helps you draw closer to Jesus through His Mother Mary and that you enjoy it as much as I do!!

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Rosary Miracle Prayer by Pauline Books and Media