kelly_kitchen_kopDo you remember learning about nutrition when you were in school?

I know we all learned some of the basics in health or gym class, but no one told us that the boxes of Kraft mac and cheese or Hamburger helper that were getting more and more popular in the late 70’s were bad for us.  Margarine was going strong then and butter was still "bad for you".  Today isn’t much better.  They may not be teaching the "four food groups" anymore, but now it’s the nasty "food pyramid".  People are buying tubs of "I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter" and think they’re helping their heart! (Ahhhhh!!!!!)  Even my nutrition class in nursing school was a joke.  Granted, it was only a one year LPN program, but there wasn’t a peep about getting plenty of healthy fats into your diet.  Even the more intense medical degree programs don’t teach much in the area of nutrition, especially none of the real food, traditional nutrition principles that are our only real chance for getting and staying healthy.

What difference might it make if our kids were taught about real food and cooking like our great grandmothers did again?!  And if it then trickled UP into the medical profession?!

My friend, Kristen, has written a new Real Food Nutrition and Health textbook that has filled a HUGE gap and could help build a new generation of kids armed with the TRUTH about food and the knowledge they need to be healthy, and later raise healthy families of their own!

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