dudich_judySome time ago, I enjoyed a silent retreat with the Secular Third Order of Carmelites, Discalced, of which my brother is a member.

Through books we were assigned and talks given by the retreat master, I came to know (and love) Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity.

I often take notes on retreat for the purpose of later reflection and meditation; and to have as a keepsake and memory in later years...it's nice to look back and see what I was learning in a certain period of life and moreover, to see if I really have learned what I was trying to learn at the time!

Following are some quotes I'd written on that retreat. They are in no particular order; just a collection of things to ponder:

Blessed Elizabeth wrote:

1) "I must live so that the Father, in bending attentively over me, can recognize the image of His beloved Son in whom He has placed all His delight."

My thoughts: Do I live out my day-to-day existence in such a way that when my Father in Heaven looks upon me, He sees His own Son? Or, do I could that image with selfishness and pride and attitudes that are

too much of "me" and not enough "Him"?

2) "Life on earth is eternity begun and in its progress!"

My thoughts: This is an amazing realization! Perhaps it is part of what Our Lord meant when He said, "The Kingdom of God is at-hand". Since, by our baptism, we have within us the residing presence of the Holy Trinity; and since the Beatific Vision of Heaven is never separated from Heaven’s inhabitants, we can understand then that all of Heaven is among us at all times for where the Trinity is, so too, is Heaven.

This means that God’s eternal Kingdom is already here…and that our life on earth is our eternity already begun!

3) "The property of love is to be always giving and always receiving."

My Thoughts: Have I given freely and given all today? Or, have I held back even so much as a little part of my heart?

4) "A praise of Glory is a soul of silence that remains like a lyre under the mysterious touch of the Holy Spirit so that He may draw from it divine harmonies; it knows that suffering is a string that produces still more beautiful sounds; so it loves to see this string on its instrument that it may more delightfully move the heart of God!"

Other thoughts from this retreat:

1) Holiness is not of our own doing...we can not be holy. We give Him our weakness and He gives us His holiness.

2) "Have we tried to remove that very string (of suffering) which makes the most beautiful sound?

3) Quotidie Morior ("I die daily")

4) We must not go outside of ourselves to find God, but rather, deep within!

5) Submit to His Call (state-in-life) with complete and joyful abandonment for love of God.there

My Thoughts: Even if I wish I could spend every moment alone with Jesus, I must fully embrace and accept the fact that where ever I am in life is where God wants me to be. Thus, I must not give in to loneliness or frustration, but rather, joyfully participate in my current state-in-life!

6) Never forget the value of a baptized soul! The Most Holy Trinity dwells within!

My Thoughts: This is especially significant when dealing with a "difficult" person in life.

If that person is a baptized believer in Christ, then I must look past any human faults or failings and see them as a tabernacle of the Trinity! I must treat others with this in mind and receive them as though they are bringing me a Divine Guest in their interaction with me.

I encourage readers to learn more about Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity and to ponder the thoughts I have

shared above in order to be "in the world" but "not of it" by virtue of the presence of The Trinity in your daily lives! There is a sacred cloister within each of our souls. We have perfect peace and joy within our reach at all times!

Copyright 2010 Judy Dudich