dyer_lorrieIn my scripture class we recently went over Covenant Love, particularly regarding the Prophet Hosea.  Hosea’s story is a beautiful, touching story of love and self discovery.

Hosea was married to a woman who was repeatedly unfaithful to him.  During this time the Law would have allowed Hosea to discard his wife and have her stoned to death for her unfaithfulness.  However, Hosea had hope that she would one day return to love and faithfulness.

Hosea thought about the meaning of his life and the relationship God and Israel had.  God could easily destroy those who did not follow his Laws.  However, God waited with patience and love for his people to return to him.  In this contemplation Hosea realized the similarities in his own life and with God and Israel’s.  In this Hosea came to understand that in Covenant Love he was called to remain hopeful that his wife would one day return his love and fidelity; just as God patiently waited for his people to return to him in love and fidelity.

I was touched deeply by Hosea’s discovery and dedication.  Hosea set aside feelings that most of us would have.  Instead he looked to God and God’s example.  I believe he also realized that Covenant Love called him to a greater understanding of love in a marriage.  Hosea chose to hear God and to remain faithful to Covenant Love regardless if his wife was.  He held on to the belief that one day his wife would come to realize what she was doing was wrong and would be the faithful wife Hosea patiently waited for.  Hosea came to realize that God could not simply stop loving us even though we are unfaithful to him.  And Hosea could not stop loving his wife because she was unfaithful to him.  Hosea knew God wanted him to deliver two messages to the people:  To repent and to have hope.  I believe Hosea showed us how to hold on to hope and to believe in God’s word.

Covenant Love calls us to remain faithful to God and to remain hopeful in God regardless of the situation.

Copyright 2010 Lorrie Lane Dyer