kelly_kitchen_kopHere in this online Real Food circle I get excited thinking the truth is finally spreading, and it definitely is to some extent, we’re getting there!  But then I go out into the world and again find many who still believe the misinformation we’ve been fed for years, and their carts are full of low-fat foods because they think they’re making good choices.  Maybe you’re still unsure yourself about all this.  If so, that’s OK – it’s not easy to wrap your brain around the opposite of what "they" have beat into us, our doctors included!  And there’s so much conflicting information coming at us, it’s not easy knowing what to believe.  But the fact is, so many are getting sick, how many in your family have diabetes, heart disease, or struggle with obesity?  Could it be that the REAL FOODS our great grandparents ate were much better for us?  Back before fat-free milk and lean meats?

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