Thanks to Rebecca Havens of the wonderful new site for providing me with a free preview of their services for parents.  I enjoyed poking around the website, taking a look at their very informative and faith-filled reviews on the latest new releases in secular media.  Rebecca has provided the following overview of the site.  I hope you'll check it out at and consider subscribing to their Weekly Briefing. is a membership website that serves Catholic parents by keeping them current on the popular media messages directed at their kids. Each Saturday, posts a new Weekly Briefing that provides intelligent analysis from a Catholic worldview on a popular song, television show, video game, a new movie at the theatre, and a new movie on DVD/Blu-ray. This Weekly Briefing keeps parents informed on what is happening in the youth culture and capable
of encouraging their children toward the good, and protecting their children from the bad. The Weekly Briefing also includes an artist profile (a biography of a popular recording artist) and a media recommendation to highlight a piece of positive media that is out there to help parents.

Along with the Weekly Briefing, members also receive a few bonus items: free access to exclusive audio interviews with some of the best Catholic speakers around (Fr. Corapi, Teresa Tomeo, Patrick Madrid, etc.), and free access to "Facing the Challenge: 12 Frequently Asked Questions About the Popular Media" and "Planning for Victory: 12 Practical Things You Can Do to Strengthen and Protect Your Kids Right Now."

You might think that a membership to a site like this would be expensive, but it is actually very low cost: only $29.95 for a full year. Become a member today and you will soon find out what a tremendous value this is.