Editor's Note: Today, I'm so happy to welcome Dione Grillo to our CatholicMom.com team!  Dione is an incredible woman and a great resource who will be sharing her tremendous expertise on catechetics and religious education.  She'll join us weekly to share her tips, experiences and reflections directly from the "real world" of the classroom.  Welcome Dione!  Lisa

What was I thinking? As if I don’t have ENOUGH to do, I signed up to be a second year catechist at St. Peter Claver. My kids will be onsite for the hour anyway so what’s the big deal? Right? Truth be told, I miss being a catechist. I went from being a Director of Children’s Ministry to an Archdiocesan Elementary Consultant. I mostly deal with adults in a "train the trainer" type of relationship. Gratifying? Yes! Fulfilling? Not completely.

I miss those "Ah!" moments that you don’t always get to witness with adults because oftentimes the processing takes much longer and the "Ah" moment occurs through reflection. I miss the challenge of stepping outside and beyond my own gifts to reach that child on the cusp of a conversion experience. I miss the thrill of passing on that little something extra the Holy Spirit sends to me.

I miss being silly and laughing all the while learning and growing in faith and love with our Lord. I miss being a catechist; so, I signed up.

So begins what I hope will be a year-long, weekly blog of this journey back to the field. A journey back to my own beginnings…with the children.

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