This week, inspired by my good friend Jeff Young the "Catholic Foodie", we take on the topic of dinner.  Almost every mom I know struggles sometimes with getting a good, balanced dinner on the table night after night, and this can feel like even more of a chore after a long day of work.  This video was shot and edited on my cell phone, in my pantry, and I want to know if you face the same "dinnertime dilemmas" that I do.  What to serve, how to get it cooked in time to avoid the snackers, and why my family won’t just enjoy a bowl of cereal and call it dinner (just kidding!).  Does dinnertime bum you out, or unleash your inner chef?  What types of foods do you keep on hand for those moments when you’re too tired to come up with something creative?  Do you have a "go to" meal that’s sure to satisfy in a pinch?  Tell us about it!

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