Reflection on Today’s Daily Readings by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture for Oct.19, Lectionary #474:
Ephesians 2:12-22. Psalm 85:9-10.11-12.13-14. Luke 12:35-38:

Certainly in your experience of the saints you have heard that many tried
to live out each day as though it were their last. In our Gospel readings
we listen to Luke telling us how Jesus insisted on our being ready for that
last day. It may often be the first thing for the saints to think about
and maybe the last thing we usually think about. Jesus is speaking to us
and to his disciples about the urgency, the attentiveness, and the need for
being always prepared for the coming of the Master who returns from a
wedding at midnight. When the Lord knocks on the door of our hearts we are
to open to him and let him reside within us as our loving friend and Lord.

This entire gospel passage is very compelling and inviting. It helps us get
our eyes to focus on the kingdom and the ultimate goal of our life which is
union with God. Aquinas tells us that our intention is often the first
thing to get us started even though it may be the last thing to be done.
Our intention, like that of the saints and those who took Jesus' words
literally have lived each day as if it were their last. Maybe we cannot do
that, but it is worth a try once in a while.

We can look at the passage several times and discover how directive and
demanding it is on our following the Lord up to Jerusalem and all that
means theologically and symbolically for us. Words that jump out at us are
"burning lamps ready," "belts fastened," (good advice for those who
drive!), "awaiting the Lord's return," "without delay," "wide awake," and
being "prepared" (semper paratus--always ready). We get the message. We
only need to embrace it and live it out just for today. Tomorrow will take
care of itself. Amen.