"God Walks Among the Pots and Pans."

These words were once spoken by Teresa of Jesus; more commonly known as Teresa of Avila.

Our God is a tangible God. And He knows that we, His creations, made in His own image and likeness, are a tangible people. After all, it is He that gave us our beautiful, wondrous senses.

We can see His love in action around us each day. We can hear His word in the Scriptures as they are read at Mass. We can taste the delightful flavors of the bountiful foods which He provides for us. We can touch so many textures as we go about our daily tasks. We can smell the freshly mowed lawns of Spring or the warm fires of Autumn.

God does not "need" the holy water through which He sends us blessing; but He allows His mighty power to be poured forth in this tangible way.

Jesus did not have to heal the woman who touched His cloak in the crowd. But, her faith was so great that He allowed His power to be transferred through the material of His clothing; a very "tangible" means.

Are you seeing God in a tangible way around your house each day?

He is there; not only when your family gathers two or more in His name, but when you perform those seemingly insignificant and often mundane tasks, as well.

God cares about your dishes. He cares about the diapers you change. Your Father in heaven cares about the oil change in your car.

He cares about these things, because He cares about you.

Are you noticing Him there? Are you welcoming Him? Are you abiding in Him?

When we enter the most sacred state of Matrimony, we are given graces and blessings and privileges which no other beings have ever been given; not even the angels!

We aid our Lord by bringing forth new life! We propogate the kingdom of heaven on earth as we live out our family vocations in Christ.

We can trust then, that Jesus cares about the things that go along with this sacred duty.

We can have faith that He is right there with us as we polish the end table in the living room, or sort out the clothes for the new season in the childrens bedrooms.

The world wants to us that our work at home and lives as married couples is worthless. The world wants us to believe that happiness lies in attaining a mass of material goods and success; that we will be gratified and satisfied by indulging our passions, our egos, and our self-interests.

But, we, as Catholics, know different. We understand that our God is a loving and caring Master; and that He would never call us to something, only to abandon and forsake us later.

Nothing done for the glory of God and the love of His people is worthless.

Saint Teresa was correct in saying that "God walks among the pots and pans".

We can find Him there...and at our desk as we file our papers, and in the family room as we decorate for Autumn...and in the giggles and grins of our children...and in the warmth of our spouse's embrace.

Do not be swayed, nor discouraged in your average, everyday work and daily family life. Let no man tell you that what you do is insignificant, meaningless, and futile.

Instead, go into the arms of Your God, celebrate in His joy, and rest in His peace as you go about the tending and nourishing of your family.

He is a tangible God and He is waiting for you among the simple moments of your life.

Will you meet Him there?

Copyright 2010 Judy Dudich