A few weeks ago, I received a special surprise in the mail.  The box, mailed to me by Lisa Green - a co-founder of Mamas Movin' with Mary - held an adorable exercise t-shirt neatly tied with a bright blue bow, a sweet note, and a small Rosary chaplet.  I'd read about the Mamas and their rosary praying, workout sharing ways over at Faith & Family Live and had noted how adorable I thought the shirt was.  But like most of you moms, I rarely buy things for myself online so I made a mental note to put this on my wishlist for the future.  So imagine my glee when I was inducted into the Mamas with a shirt of my own!

Here's some background on these lovely women, and a bit of their history:

Our mission is simple:    Strengthen your Body, Strengthen your Soul.

We are three moms who love walking for exercise.  In 2009 we decided to train for the Columbus Half Marathon.  Our team walks took place on Saturday mornings and we often talked about how wonderful it was to take time for ourselves.  Each week we prayed a rosary together and as our devotion to the Blessed Mother grew our hearts became filled with peace and we felt a closer connection to our Lord.  We began to fully appreciate and understand the phrase "To Jesus through Mary".  With increased endurance and enriched faith we completed the Columbus Half Marathon and called ourselves "Mamas Movin’ With Mary".

It is now our goal to inspire others to take time for themselves and "Get Movin’ With Mary".
Clearly, the Mamas are about more than just selling t-shirts.  They promote Marian devotion with instructions on how to pray the Rosary, provide fitness support and information, and a forum for sharing your story.  All this is wonderful, plus their shirt is now my favorite article of workout attire. The sight of it puts a smile on my face, and wearing it affords me opportunities to share the good news with people who see me and comment on my shirt.  It's happened several times already, as I make it a point of wearing my "Mamas" shirt when I'm working out in various places during my travels.

Today, I want to invite you to visit the Mamas Movin' with Mary website (Dads, you go too and surprise your wives with a gift!) and treat yourself to a visit.  Having an adorable new shirt just might be the thing you need to jumpstart your workout routine, and will definitely remind you to turn to our Blessed Mother when things get crazy around your home.  Thanks again to Lisa and the Mamas for their good work and for my special surprise!