I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite exercises, the squat.  In the video above, I demonstrate the proper form for this highly effective leg exercise, along with several variations and progressions.

I have added a spiritual aspect to the move to encourage you to strengthen your faith as you strengthen your body.  The suggested  prayers help you to set goals as well.

Moms with babies will enjoy the "baby kissing squat" modification.  It’s important to be a fitness role model for our children.  If your children see Mom exercise on a regular basis (while enjoying it!) then they will be likely to do the same in the future.  Older children can join you in these Spiritual Squats, but they should use body weight only.  Teens who have had some type of strength training can work up to the weighted variations.

Spiritual Squats can be done up to three times weekly, but allow at least one day of rest and recovery between sessions.

As with any exercise, start slowly and don’t try to do too much too soon.  If you are pregnant, post-partum, or recovering from an injury, please consult your doctor before attempting this exercise.

Copyright 2010 Peggy Bowes