Many of our readers know that my son Eric is a freshman in college this year.  In perusing his college blog, the Harvard Crimson, I came across the Crimson's amazing new video series "Dining Delights". These quick videos are aimed at helping college students create fun and easy recipes using fare found in a typical dining hall.  I find their ideas ingenius.  As a mom who's always trying to come up with new recipes that I can actually cook, my first reaction to the videos is "Wow, I could do that!".  These could also be quick snack ideas for teens who enjoy cooking at home.  Warning, these recipes are not exactly what I'd call "healthy", but most seem to be the types of things you could easily adapt with lower fat versions.  I'm going to share the first video this week, and begin regularly featuring them here on the blog.  If you moms have college students who are tiring for the usual dining hall meals, be sure to share "Dining Delights" with them too!  Bon Appetit!