There is a great joy and a profound inner peace which comes from embracing our state in life. Whether we have been called as a consecrated single person, a religious, or a married man or woman, if we have surrendered ourselves to His will for our lives, and we approach each day with a joyful heart that is ready and willing to serve within our vocation, then we can experience a true happiness on earth that is but a glimpse of that which we will know in heaven.

It matters not what our profession is; be it teacher, doctor, business leader, missionary, homeschooling mother, actress, waiter, military service member, fire fighter, secretary, writer, movie producer, or "other".

As long as we have gone where we believe God wishes to use us for His glory in this world, and as long as we do our best to carry out each duty and task that is given to us each day for love of Him, then we are able to rest and rejoice in knowing that we are serving our Father in Heaven.

As Catholic parents, we must remember to teach our children that it's not so much which vocation they will enter, or what job they will perform, as much as it is with how much love for GOD they will do these things.

A baker who provides for his family by awakening before dawn to unlock his store and place fresh bread dough into the ovens for his soon-to-arrive customers is doing a work just as worthy and valuable as the scientist who is researching a cure for cancer. Provided that both are performing their work with a love of God at its center, then each may rest their heads upon their pillows at night knowing that they have enjoyed a day well-lived; and that they can have peace-of-mind and contentment in life.

God has designed a special purpose and calling for each of His children. He has known this calling and has known each child from all eternity. Not everyone is being called to the public eye, or to the top of the medical field; not everyone will be blessed with children, nor will each person work as a farmer in the fields.

Still, as one mystical body in Christ, each man, woman, boy, and girl holds a unique place which is irreplaceable not to be duplicated on this earth.

We all need one another. We all serve one another. Though many the path will never cross, we can still share each others joy in knowing that we live and work for the one, same, true Lord and Master!

Where ever you are, who ever you are, whatever you do, and where ever you might go, go in the name of our loving and almighty God!

He sees all and He accepts each act done with love in His name as a worthy and gracious gift.

Rejoice! For you can have peace and joy in every state in life!

Copyright 2010 Judy Dudich